Sustainable Minimalist Streetwear

ECO Conscience. Simple. Quality.

All garment materials have high levels of sustainability. We don't do 'over desiging' and we really 'feel' the gymnasium fashion from decades past.

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  • Sustainable Streetwear

    Streetwear, Sportswear, Activewear, GYM Wear, Lesuire Wear, Urbanwear, Lounge Wear... call it what you Gym-Vintage all of our garments are more than 70% susatainble most of them over 95%.

    Our hoodies? Sustainable. Our Joggers? Sustainable. Our T-shirts? get the picture.

    Improving with the world

  • Simply Styled

    Taking our inspation by mixing Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism with straight up vintage style gymwear to give simple uncomplicated garments.

    Just unfussed & right...

  • Comfort & Quality

    Whether your wearing our joggers in your lounge, hiding in our hoodies on the sofa, or keeping warm out on a winters night with our'll feel a close warming comfort because Gym-Vintage always aim to produce hirer quality softer sweats.

    Delivering to you something a bit extra