Our Story

Our Story

GYM Vintage is the brand for the everyday hero. We know that what makes us powerful, are the people who wear it. Those that have the bravery and courage to strive for the betterment of themselves and society.

We began with a love for grassroots sports and a desire to make an impact on the planet and people’s lives. So, part of our journey is to unite individuals through physical fitness, acceptance, inclusion and as an integral part of our community.

To change the way athleifsure wear is thought of, empowering people to live their own story, one win at a time. Our pieces are sustainable, durable, functional and stylish, so that our people can focus on what matters most, to look great, be great and be greater.

To change the game,

re-write the rules,

own less, and experience more


Gym Vintage is an athleisure sportswear brand made for the every-day hero. We empower inner strength and character; to look beyond the superficial, encourage greatness, and keep striving to be greater.

Aesthetically conscious, environmentally conscious and socially conscious, were changing the game,working towards making a positive impact and making history of our own.

Our vision

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our mission

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Salute the past, live in the present, shape our future.

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